Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Home

The furless ones put all their things in boxes. The imbecile and I spent hours climbing on top of them. However her dismount needs work. It looked painful. The boxes were in aid of us moving house. I forgot what Wimble looked like the day we moved. She spent the whole time in the igloo.

At least we got to go to Wales for Christmas and see Mr.Boofers. He was just as I remembered. Permanantly fluffed up, and smelling of the garden. He does not like me smelling his tail. But it smells so good. Willow was terrified of him, of course. She is also scared of shoes so no suprise there. She fluffed herself up and stared at him. I also discovered something called custard. I was reprimanded for stealing it but it was worth it!

Now we are back the furless ones have been taunting me. They hung a gingerbread man on the door for me, but then chastised me when I asserted my dominance over him. Still I have had my revenge. I absconded with it at midnight last night and slung the insolent creature on the sleeping furless ones. The gingerbread man is now mine. He has been placed in isolation until he learns who is boss. I don't want him and the bug fraternising. And I don't want Wiffle polluting them with her stench.

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