Friday, June 08, 2007

A New Infidel

After 1 year of breaking in the infidel Willow, I am now pleased to announce she has been re-named Pillow. She makes a nice comfy sleeping option. She still stinks. And I still have to remind her who is boss.

The gingerbread man is still in hiding. I know where now, but am unable to liberate it. The furless mother insists he must be kept to a minimum due to his insides coming out. How am I meant to full break the creature if she gives it refuge. I have no time to wait for this grining imp to re-appear and I have begun breaking in the new duck.

I have bigger fish to fry. A new infidel has infiltrated our garden. This one does not come in the house often. It's clearly an idiot. I have warned it off a few times but it keeps coming back. It's wearing a pink collar now, I have mocked it. The furless humans coo over this dollup of lard calling her Dolly. I have tortured the duck in front of her to show my dominance but it does not understand, probably was dropped on it's head as a kitten. Why do the furless ones encourage it so? Don't they know it will end in tears, dippy's (what-ever!) not mine.

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Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hello there! Nice to meet you and "pillow"!!