Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holiday :)

The simple one and I have been on holiday! The furless ones took us to Mr.Boofers house. Mr.Boofers smelled wonderful as always. He is old now, but so wise. Unlike Wimble who wedged herself down the side of the desk for an afternoon. The furless ones left his with the Nanny and Bampi for 2 weeks. It was great, Bampi treated us to mouse with the long tail training all day.

Although it was a wonderful holiday on the day we went back something awful happened. And I am asking for a call to arms. A gap tooth hound named Sensi tried to eat Mr.Boofers. Luckily Boofers skillfully got to the top of a tree away from the slathering tool of a dog. The dog's furless slaves are quite clearly cretins and did nothing to alert Bampi of this. Mr.Boofers was trapped in the tree for 2 and a half hours. I eyed the hound through the window. It looked at me with what can only be described as a vacant expression. However dumb this animal is a mennace. He must be taught a lesson.

We are now back at base camp, and the new duck is well and truely broken in. The numpty Dolly is officially scared of both of us. How chicken is she? She is scared of wimble! Anyway Willow has been breaking in the Bee and the snake. I have been supervising her training from the warmth of the radiator bed. I am not sure what a radiator is but it's warm, and that's good enough for me.

The furless ones invited some other furless ones over, I have seen them before. They brought a thing with them. The furless mother refered to it as a dog, but it was unrecognisable as a dog to me. This chew-owa (whatever) was of no consequence to me, I let it be. The furless mother's friend seemed worried I would eat it (Sophia it was called). puuurrlllease, why would I catch my own food? That's what the furless ones are for. I am the pack leader here!

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