Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The infidel well and truly has her paws under the table. All hopes of her permanent exile look dashed. So I am resigned to life with Willow. Much to my surprise the lilac point is quite useful. I have on many occasions been saved the bother of walking across the humans heads in the morning to wake them up. The Wizz happily follows my instruction. BUT somehow the humans knew I put her up to it. I think the infidel has been letting more than her gas slip. Which incidentally is worse when it has chicken.

Wimble is warm, that is her one grace. She makes a nice warm pillow when the mood takes me! But I have to thoroughly clean her before I can put my nose that close to her.

I have also been exiled again for biting Wizzle’s leg. I really did not see the furless one in the door. Must be more vigilant.

Winston came in the house the other day. He always comes in and gives it large hissing at me. I usually ignore him and he gets removed. However this time he did not fancy his chances against two of us. Maybe Wimble’s not that bad. What am I saying? She stinks!

Talking of Winston reminds me of Mr.Boofers. I am fairly sure he is a cat. But he is beautiful. The furless one was telling us how we will both be going to see him at the end of the year. Well that Lilac ho better not go presenting her pom poms to him or there will be a shake down. Boofers in MINE.

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