Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sharlie's thoughts for the day!

The Infidel Willow has taken to following me everywhere now. Everytime I turn around the old goat is there. Crowing at me. Whilst crowing for food it often walks into me. You'd think after a good slap she would learn. But no.

I was pleased to see Wilf (yeah yeah) was exiled for chasing me. Meant one hour of bliss. Unfortunately I was exiled later for no real good reason. She really wanted me to scratch an itch on her head for her with my back feet vigorously.

My point in fact regards Wibble(near enough) being dumb was proved by the bow wearing incident. Myself like any other self respecting cat will bite and kick and remove any demeaning human adornments. Not Wiffle, she sat there purring while the human coo'd. I miaowed loudly all through Top Gear as punishment for the furless ones. Just you wait til 4am tomorrow morning...Mwaaaahhh Mwaahhhh

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