Monday, July 03, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Phew it's a heatwave and don't I know it. I can't cope. Feel well and truly ill. I miss working in an air conditioned building as this generally saves me from feeling like this!!

Mr.Boofers has not been well. His liver and thyroid are back under control but he's clearly unhappy. He would not eat and his eye keeps reinfecting, what coupled with his arthritis. But that said he has brightened up a bit.

CONGRATULATIONS Pablo Von Halletero! That's Hallett for those who don't speak silly. Paul got a new job at Symbol technologies! They now have 3 Paul's in IT! And Fisher can once again gaze lovingly across the data centre at him!

Steve's birthday soon (& Emma, Neill, Sharlie and Boofers!). So a busy month. See you all in Reading for some boozin if I recover from my heat stroke(seriously stop laughing!)

And we saw Paris Sunday 4 weeks after she left us. She so big! And she could not be loved any more than she is! So have photos of Paris, Moet(Rosko) and Nicole(Katie)!

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