Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sharlie's Blog!

The infidel Willow is still here. It's been 6 months. Looks like I am stuck with it. I was hoping once her clones went she would to. But to no avail. The humans took her to be spayed. No more clones at least.

The infidel has taken to miawing for attention. Seems to work but very tiresome for me. It's like a performing seal. I tried to explain by with holding behavior the humans find "cute" and only rewarding them with it when they have been very good means more treats. But I have come to the conclusion that Widdle or whatever her name is, is clearly a simpleton.

I have however discovered that letting the imbecile lilac point sit with me in the radiator bed means more dentabits. So I have tolerated it. However today when I was spaging her on the head (in a friendly game of your it) I was exiled. Must remember only to spag Wimble (what EVER) when they are not looking.

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